When you drive for Pull Up N Go, you’re covered while online. Here’s all the information you need to know on how insurance works for rideshare drivers in the U.S.

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Waiting for trip requests

Before you accept a trip request while online with Pull Up N Go, you are covered by our insurance policy for your liability to a third party (if you happen to be in an accident when you’re at fault.) A third party is anyone or anything other than yourself or your vehicle. Coverage includes liability to pay another driver, another person’s medical needs or property damaged. The amount that the insurance coverage includes is at least $50,000 in injury liability per person with $100,000 in total liability per accident, $25,000 in property damage liability per accident. Pull Up N Go will maintain this automobile liability insurance on your behalf, if you do not maintain applicable insurance of at least these amounts.

If another person is at fault, you are able to make a claim against their insurance. Your personal insurance policy may also cover you in this situation. Please check your personal coverage for more information.

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Driving to pick up rider

Before your rider gets in your car while you’re driving to pick them up, you are covered by our insurance policy for the following: 1) your liability to a third party, 2) any injuries due to an uninsured or underinsured motorist, and 3) collision and comprehensive coverage if you already have such coverage on your personal insurance.

Third party liability coverage

Third party liability insurance covers your liability for damages to any third party which can include another driver, pedestrian, or property in case of an accident when you’re at fault. The coverage amount is at least $1 million of total liability coverage.

Uninsured or underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage

Coverage for this insurance will cover any occupant of your vehicle in case of an accident where another party is at fault but does not have insurance or is underinsured. Hit and runs incidents where one cannot be identified, will also be covered through this insurance. The coverage amount is $1 million of total coverage for bodily injury.

Contingent collision and comprehensive coverage

When an accident occurs whether you’re at fault or not, you will be insured through this coverage. As long as you have auto insurance that includes collision coverage for that particular vehicle, you will be insured while not on a Pull Up N Go trip. The coverage amount is up to the actual cash value of your vehicle. There is a $1,000 deductible.


When driving your car for personal use

If you are not driving on the Pull Up N Go platform, you are not covered by our insurance policy. Any accidents that happen while in your car when not driving with Pull Up N Go will be covered by your personal auto insurance coverage.

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Our expert-trained incident response crew will be available 24/7 working for you to handle any emergency that surfaces when using the Pull Up N Go platform.

Working with law enforcement

In rare cases when local law enforcement gets involved and provides us with valid legal process, we must comply to help further their investigations.

This page provides a summary of insurance policies for reference and does not affirmatively or negatively amend, extend, or alter the coverage afforded by those policies.

Pull Up N Go provides the insurance coverage mentioned above in all U.S. states. In addition, Pull Up N Go also maintains any other local coverage required by applicable state law, such as no fault coverage (like personal injury protection).