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Sports Utility Vehicle


Need some extra space? Choose one of our SUV’s.



Going somewhere fancy? Pull Up n' Go in style.



Ballin' out of control? Pull up in something unique.

* Average fare shown below for the state of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

† At times of high demand your fare may be subject to a ‘Prime Time’ increase to keep vehicles available. We'll quote a final fare for the ride inclusive of Prime Time, if any, at the time of your ride request.

‡ In some cases Pull Up n' Go may quote you a fare at the time of your request instead of the variable rates above. If during your ride you change your destination, make multiple stops, or attempt to abuse the Pull Up n' Go Platform, we may cancel the fare quote and charge you a variable fare based on the time and distance of your ride.

You don’t just need a ride, but you need a reliable one.

Reliable drivers ready to take you to your next destination. The new way to go is almost here.

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