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Pull Up n Go

The new way to go is here in Tennessee.

No matter the occasion, whether you’re headed to the airport, running errands or have late night cravings for donuts, Pull Up n Go is here to help. Tap the app for your reliable ride. Once you arrive, pay with your card through the app. It’s that simple.

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Change your ride to match your occasion.

With Pull Up n Go, you have options when it comes to riding in style.

Service Level: Economy


Enjoyable rides at cost-effective prices.

4 pax

3 bags

5 min

Reliable, courteous driver

In-app payment using bank card

Everyday low prices

  • Base: $1.00
  • Price per Mile:$0.95
  • Price per Minute:$0.10
  • Service Fee:$1.28
  • Minimum Fare:$6.15
  • Cancellation Fee:$5.00

Service Level: Sports Utility Vehicle


Need some extra space? Choose one of our SUV’s.

6 pax

4 bags

7 min

Accessibility options

Big space, small price


  • Base: $12.00
  • Price per Mile:$3.90
  • Price per Minute:$0.50
  • Service Fee:$1.28
  • Minimum Fare:$25.00
  • Cancellation Fee:$10.00

Service Level: Luxury/Business


Going somewhere fancy? Pull up in style.

4 pax

3 bags

10 min

Luxury guaranteed

Airport meet and greet service

Personalized experience

  • Base: $4.00
  • Price per Mile:$1.90
  • Price per Minute:$0.35
  • Service Fee:$1.28
  • Minimum Fare:$10.00
  • Cancellation Fee:$10.00

At times of high demand your fare may be subject to a "Surge" increase to keep vehicles available. We will quote a final fare for the ride inclusive of the Surge, if any, at the time of your ride request.

If during your ride you change your destination, make multiple stops, or attempt to abuse the PUNG Platform, we may cancel the fare quote and charge you a variable fare based on the time and distance of your ride.

Applicable tolls and surcharges may also be added to your fare.

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Pull Up n Go in Kingsport

Reliable drivers ready to take you to your next destination.

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Pull Up n Go in Kingsport

Keep 100% of your earnings from each ride and pay only $39.99 per week.

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