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Your destination is only a tap away

No matter the occasion, whether you’re headed to the airport, running errands or have late night cravings for donuts, Pull Up n Go is here to help.

  • Simple

    Tap the app and request a driver to pull up to your location. Once your ride is done, simply get out of the car. Payments are made easily through the app.

    Learn more about Pull Up n Go's commitment to Rider Safety & Security.

  • Dependable

    No matter where you’re going, you can depend on Pull Up n Go to provide your safe, reliable ride at everyday low prices.

    Schedule your personal ride anytime or in advanced—just tap the app!

  • Consistent

    From economically efficient vehicles, to luxury and specialty, Pull Up n Go has a vehicle to match your occasion. Safe, reliable rides, at the best prices.

Your ride for any occasion

With Pull Up n Go, you have options when it comes to riding in style. See vehicle options for McMinnville.

  • Economy
  • More
    • Economy GoEco Enjoyable rides at cost-effective prices.
      • passengers
      • travel bags
      • ETA
      • Reliable, courteous driver
      • Cashless payments
      • Everyday, low prices
    • SUV GoSUV Extra space for you and the whole crew.
      • passengers
      • travel bags
      • ETA
      • Accessibility options
      • Big space, small price
      • Everyday, low prices
      Luxury GoLux Stylish and affordable luxury vehicles.
      • passengers
      • travel bags
      • ETA
      • Luxury guaranteed
      • Airport greeting service
      • Personalized experience

    ¹ At times of high demand your fare may be subject to a "Surge" increase to keep vehicles available. We will quote a final fare for the ride inclusive of the Surge, if any, at the time of your ride request.

    ² If during your ride you change your destination, make multiple stops, or attempt to abuse the Pull Up n Go Platform, we may cancel the fare quote and charge you a variable fare based on the time and distance of your ride.

    ³ Applicable tolls and surcharges may also be added to your fare.

    Fare Estimator

    Getting you up to speed

    Some common questions asked by our passenger and community.

    • How do I create an account?

      Download the free Pull Up n Go app from the App Store or Google Play, then sign in with a valid email address and phone number. Learn more >

    • Can I schedule a ride?

      Pull Up n Go's on-demand rideshare service is available in every city we operate in.

      For more information regarding our cities we operate in.

      When you’re ready to go, use your app to request a pull up from a local driver. Demand for rides can fluctuate throughout the day, which can impact driver times to your location. If you're in a hurry, we recommend checking your pull up location's ETA for different vehicle options about 15-30 minutes before you’re ready to go. Pull Up n Go in some cities now includes the option to schedule a GoEco ride. Here’s how:

      • Tap the SCHEDULE A RIDE button above the vehicle option slider.
      • Select a date and preferred 15-minute window of time when you will be ready for pickup.
      • Enter your pickup location and destination.
      • Review your fare estimate and tap SCHEDULE.
      • Tap SCHEDULE TRIP to confirm. After confirming, select TRIPS from your app menu, then select UPCOMING to review upcoming scheduled trips or schedule a new trip. If you need to cancel a scheduled trip, tap *CANCEL. When the date and time you scheduled a trip for approach, nearby drivers will receive your ride request. The driver who accepts this trip request may arrive at your pickup location at any time within your 15-minute window. We recommend being ready and available for pickup for the full duration of time. A driver who cannot locate you at the pickup location may cancel the ride after 5 minutes. * Please note that surge pricing may apply to a scheduled trip. This can impact your trip fare. Check out the link below to see where scheduled rides is available near you.

      See where rides are available near you

    • Should I tip my driver?

      The Pull Up n Go app cannot include a tip when billing you for a trip fare. Where available as a vehicle option, GoTAXI is an exception. GoTAXI connects riders with licensed yellow cabs, and includes the option to set a gratuity percentage added to your trip fare. In most cities, Pull Up n Go is a cashless experience. Tipping is voluntary. Tips are not included in the fare, nor are they expected or required. As a rider, you are not obligated to offer your driver a gratuity in cash. If you decide you would like to tip, your driver is welcome to accept.

    • How do I cancel my ride request?

      Ride requests should only be made when you’re ready to ride and near the pull up location. This enables drivers to operate efficiently on the Pull Up n Go platform. At times, you may wish to cancel a ride request after it has been accepted by a driver. While the Pull Up n Go app allows you to cancel anytime, a cancellation fee may be charged. The cancellation fee amount differs by city, ranging from $5 to $15. This fee is intended to compensate driver-partners for time and effort spent heading toward a pull up location.

      A ride request can be cancelled free of charge for up to 2-5 minutes after your initial request. If your driver is running more than 5 minutes behind the provided ETA, you can cancel the ride request without incurring a cancellation fee.

      If you feel you have unjustly received a cancellation fee, please visit Trips and Fare Review > I was charged a cancellation fee. We’ll gladly review and make adjustments as necessary.