Fastest Growing Rideshare Company

Pull Up n Go, the world’s newest rideshare service, unleashes a revolutionary set of new rules and standards by completely restructuring the industry’s approach to driver compensation.

Pull Up n Go, the Las Vegas based rideshare service, sets new standards in the industry by offering a weekly and monthly flat for their drivers. By directly attacking the Uber and Lyft model that charges drivers a huge percentage of every ride, Pull Up n Go is poised for explosive growth as it presents a huge benefit to the average rideshare driver.

With Pull Up n Go, drivers pay a small flat fee each week and keep 100 percent of their earnings from every single ride. Under this flat fee model drivers are able to accomplishing their financial goals without paying a huge share of their income to huge corporations.

The Pull Up n Go app is easy to use and allows payments to be made through credit or with cash. If riders want to hire Pull Up n Go drivers, they create a request by downloading the app and selecting one of the current ride options - Economy, SUV or Luxury. Once they provide their location and send a request through the app, a driver will pull up to their location in just a matter of minutes.

Pull Up n Go is currently in a few cities at this time with plans of expanding to different states across the United States.